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No more safety risk. No more production down time. No more uncertainty. Just increased production and revenue. With Flex Process you can make faster, better informed decisions, without having to test in a live environment.

Greater clarity, confidence and safety

We are the digital twin and process modelling experts for large high-hazard industrial and niche manufacturing businesses. Bringing together extensive process engineering expertise with advanced software development, we create a dynamic model for process change – that delivers complete confidence for clients.

How can digital simulation transform your business?

Making a digital simulation of all or part of your plant – whether nuclear, oil or chemical processing – means you can model changes swiftly, in complete safety from your office.

Whether full digital twin or less complex process modelling, our approach takes the risk out of modelling and can generate significant increases in production and profitability, while reducing waste, energy, time and cost. Training people is also quicker, simpler, cheaper and more effective.

Talk to us to see how our experienced engineers resolve pain points and help you make de-risked decisions that transform your business.

The process engineering pioneers

  • Unique process modelling and simulation capabilities
  • Real world, practical engineering experience
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Guidance on your digital transformation journey


We can guide you on your digital transformation journey, using a phased approach. This begins by using our simulation expertise to create (or recreate) basic plant information, including process flow diagrams, data sheets and P&IDs. We bring this together to develop a digital twin based on advanced 3D models and simulations.

This digital twin offers important benefits: opening up numerous opportunities to trouble-shoot and optimise the processes at your plant, reducing energy use and emissions, improving safety and reliability, and providing training simulations.


We apply advanced steady-state or dynamic modelling, dispersion modelling, CFD or FEA to help you overcome process and project challenges – from design, new process development, optioneering, scale-up, troubleshooting, debottlenecking, to optimisation, energy efficiency, training, alarms and trips, process safety time, and operating too close to the safe operating envelope.

We’re experienced in modelling relief devices and relief systems. Our Relief Flow software has the potential to save millions of dollars in reduced CAPEX and operating costs.


Our Process Safety consultants work with regulators as well as industry to ensure your plant meets all safety and risk management requirements.

We offer services that include safety studies (HAZOP, HAZID, PHR, LOPA & SIL, Bowtie & ALARP, inherent safety, PSSR), plus additional support (Safety Case and ALARP demonstrations, consequence modelling, functional safety, barrier management, RCA, safety culture, due diligence).

We like to get involved early with preliminary hazard assessments and inherent safety reviews. We incorporate sustainable design principles into these reviews, ensuring the right balance of capital and operating costs, environmental and safety performance.

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Decarbonisation & Net Zero

The world has a major problem and changing the way industry goes about its business is a major part of the solution.Β  Many of our clients are transitioning to Net Zero, and Flex Process is with them. Flex Process is a leader in applying advanced process simulation tools to solve our clients’ difficult problems – and no problem is more challenging than the race to Net Zero. We understand the long-term approach required to make this transition and we work with our clients to provide innovative and efficient solutions and help them overcome challenges as they arise.

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