Batch Plant

Batch Commodity Chemicals:

Process concept development, basic and detailed design, functional safety.

The Problem

A new batch process was to be installed in an existing facility in a short time period with limited budget. The project was complex, high risk and there was limited process information available. The process required a heat source that was higher temperature than the site steam supply.

The Solution

  • Advanced process simulation was used to define the detailed process steps.

  • Key equipment sized (distillation, heat exchangers) using the model and tested for all batch phases.

  • Cycle time optimised with dynamic simulation.

  • Comprehensive support with concept, basic and detailed process design phases.

  • Process and functional safety closely integrated into the process design.

The Benefits

  • Accurate design underpinned by cutting edge simulation ensured that process works right first time saving 3 months and 10% of capital cost.

  • Optimised cycle time at the early design phase increases production rate by 20%.

Services Provided

  • Process Concept Design.

  • Dynamic Simulation.

  • Two Phase Pressure Relief.

  • Calorimetry Support.


  • Functional Safety Definition.

  • FEED / Equipment Sizing.

  • Commissioning Support.

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