Batch Plant 2

Batch Resins Manufacture:

Recreate baseline design, optimisation and upgrade of reactor relief systems, functional safety.

The Problem

Exothermic runaway reactions in batch reactors can sometimes require large emergency relief systems. Interpretation of reaction calorimetry data can be key to sizing these effectively. Over-conservatism can result in large vents that just will not fit inside your existing plant. Cost benefit analysis can help justify moderate improvements that go a long way to reducing your overall risk position and allow continued operation.

The Solution

  • Plant survey and causes of deviations leading to runaway reactions.

  • Careful analysis of calorimetry test data and advice on further testing.

  • Calculation of vent sizes from calorimetry test data.

  • Intelligent road map to testing with end game to achieve practicable outcome.

  • Functional safety upgrade compliments vent sizing to optimise overall solution and reduce risk to ALARP

The Benefits

  • Demonstrable vent sizing calculations with a sound, justifiable basis.

  • Risk ALARP position with the regulator is well documented.

  • Short, Medium and Long Term Practical Recommendations provided.

Services Provided

  • Plant Survey.

  • Support with Calorimetry Test Selection.

  • Calculation of Two Phase Relief Vent Sizes.

  • Mechanical Checks of Relief Pipe Work.

  • Sizing Dump Tanks.

  • Dispersion Modelling.

  • Functional Safety Upgrade Design.

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