Nuclear power plant

Nuclear - Boric Acid Recovery:

Recreate baseline design information, process development and design of new plant.

The Problem

Boric acid is used as a moderator in pressurised water reactors. Its recovery process had not changed for over 50 years due to a reluctance to modify “tried and tested” designs. As a result, limited original design information was held on file and expertise had been lost. A new fleet of power stations had prompted a review of the design, with the aim of improving its efficiency.

The Solution

  • Establish baseline information and process requirements.

  • Develop a comprehensive simulation model that handles electrolytes and dissolved gases.

  • Replicate existing process and make virtual improvements using the model.

  • Size distillation column and heat exchangers using rigorous modelling methods.

  • Document all work to support wider design work.

The Benefits

  • Accurate results completed quickly.

  • Data that is useful in your design process.

  • Low risk design with calculated design margin.

  • Recommendations on energy saving, controllability from our practical engineering background.

Services Provided

  • Establish Design Basis & Operating Envelope.

  • Process Concept Design.

  • Steady State Simulation.

  • Electrolyte Modelling.

  • Rate based Distillation Column Design.

  • Control Philosophy Improvements.

  • Utility Demands.

  • Sizing Sensitivity Studies.

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