Chemical plant for production of ammonia and nitrogen fertilization on night time.

Chemicals Manufacturing:

Upgrade and redesign of complex relief system.

The Problem

Relief systems must be properly sized and designed correctly mechanically, to withstand the sudden and sustained forces experienced during a de-pressuring event. The forces generated during sudden relief flows are large and can cause major equipment and pipe damage that can result in loss of containment and cause or escalate of fire and explosion events.

The Solution

  • 3D plant survey of the relief systems.

  • Use of our advanced ReliefFlow software to assess the relief systems by calculating capacity, pipe flow conditions and reaction forces.

  • Formulation of a pipe stress analysis philosophy.

  • Automatic generation within the ReliefFlow software, of all the required information for pipe stress analysis such as pipe geometry, reaction forces, and vessel nozzle strengths.

  • Pipe stress analysis simulation against the required piping standard. Develop specifications, drawings and datasheets for pipe supports, guides, and nozzle stiffening.

The Benefits

  • Single supplier for all process and mechanical services.

  • Cost-effective: Use of advanced ReliefFlow software to calculate relief flows and reaction forces, and generate high quality documentation.

  • Development of practical, easy to implement recommendations.

Services Provided

  • Mechanical site survey & 3D model.

  • Modelling of relief system capacity and pipe flow calculations.

  • Reaction force calculations.

  • Pipe stress analysis.

  • Development of a practical remediation plan.

  • Specifications, drawings and datasheets for remediation works.

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