Chemical plant

Commodity Chemicals:

COMAH safety case update many plant changes.

The Problem

A chemical plant, an upper tier COMAH site, was due to submit its 5-year COMAH Safety case update and was behind schedule.

They needed help to incorporate numerous plant changes into the new COMAH Safety case report, all within a tight schedule.

The Solution

  • Review the previous safety case report against the latest HSE guidance and identify necessary changes due to the plant modifications.

  • Work with the client’s team preparing the technical, predictive and ALARP justification sections of the safety case report.

  • Review existing HAZOP and process hazard reviews to identify additional MAH’s. Perform additional HAZOPs and PHR’s.

  • Perform PHAST modelling of selected MAH’s.

  • Facilitate inherent safety workshops to identify potential risk reduction measures.

  • Perform ALARP assessments on the new MAH scenarios, including cost benefit analysis.

The Benefits

  • The client was able to submit a high-quality report on schedule.

  • Integrating the consultant within the client’s team is an effective approach, especially whilst under time constraints.

  • Several new controls were identified and implemented, thus ensuring a safe plant operated to ALARP.

  • Provided assurance to the client management team and shareholders, that key risks were adequately controlled.

Services Provided

  • Prepare COMAH safety case report.

  • Inherent Safety review.

  • ALARP Assessment.

  • Gap analysis of plant safety performance against relevant good practice.

  • HAZOP, process hazard reviews and risk assessment.

  • PHAST consequence modelling.

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