Paper Manufacture Slurry Handling:

Safe design of slurry piping system, site survey, process development and design of new plant.

The Problem

A second pulp slurry tank had to be quickly commissioned due to production demands. An empty tank was identified but there was no easy route for the feed line. The client had attempted a design route with a competitor design company, but was not happy with the route.

The Solution

  • We surveyed the site and made recommendations on a more direct route.

  • The proposed route required more substantiation of loading on surrounding structures including the tank roof.

  • We provided the necessary expertise on mechanical/structural modelling to show that the route was safe.

  • We provided all the design drawings and support calculations required to complete the work.

The Benefits

  • Significant pipe work savings through innovative design supported by accurate site survey.

  • More direct route simplifies scope and makes installation safer.

  • Less disruption to the operations as the construction work is kept away from live plant.

Services Provided

  • Full Site Survey.

  • Mechanical Piping Design.

  • Pipe support design.

  • Piping Stress Analysis.

  • Structural analysis for tank roof.

  • Advice provided during construction.

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