Power station

Integrated Energy Plant:

Reverse engineer baseline design information, plant optimisation and safe operating limits.

The Problem

An integrated dynamic model of your whole plant provides a wealth of information supporting safety, optimisation and training. But where do you start? In this case, there was a need to understand the safe operating limits of the plant, train new staff in a complex integrated energy plant consisting of four different fuel gases, three steam pressures and critical plant dependant on the reliable operation.

The Solution

  • Develop all foundation data that forms the basis for any simulation model including analysis of plant data.

  • Steady state and dynamic model of all modes of operation, accurate to a few percent.

  • Testing of models for various small studies makes them even more accurate.

  • Models built in small stages and joined together later providing a model of much of the facility.

The Benefits

  • The Digital Twin keeps on giving, providing a constant insight into operation.

  • An integrated mass and energy balance that assists with Fuel Switching and other Decarbonisation options.

  • Better understood safe operating margins showing real limits.

  • Improved accuracy in safety studies, test power output during emergency scenarios.

  • Training for Managers and Operators in new equipment.

  • Reverse engineered equipment and process design basis previously lost to the archives.

Services Provided

  • Plant Survey & Foundation Data.

  • Steady State Mass & Energy Balance.

  • Integrated Dynamic Models.

  • Boilers and Furnace Heaters Modelling.

  • Large Low Pressure Gas Network Modelling.

  • Unloading Valves and Relief System Design.

  • Operator Training Simulator.

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