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Bridging the skills gap on the way to digitalisation

Only by harnessing the power of digitalisation and its technologies will we resolve issues, reduce risk and create greater efficiencies across industry for the longer term.

What’s a digital twin?

The traditional way to test process changes is to plan it, make the physical changes in situ and implement them. Carrying this out in a live environment can lead to safety risks, plus loss of production, revenue and reputation.

We make a digital simulation of all or part of your high-hazard plant – whether nuclear, LNG, oil or chemical processing – so that you can model changes quickly, in complete safety from your office, and then go on to implement these valuable process changes.

We are the process engineering pioneers

  • Unique process modelling and simulation capabilities
  • Real world, practical engineering experience
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Guidance on your digital transformation journey

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