Flex Process has become the exclusive UK distributor of ProSim:
Process Simulation Software


We’re delighted to be the exclusive UK distributor of ProSim’s simulation and optimisation software. This comprehensive range is designed for process industries to enhance operations, increase profitability and reduce environmental impact.

Straightforward access to advanced technology

The process simulators available are also designed to be used by non-specialists and occasional users, and are straightforward to install and deploy.

Process simulation

ProSimPlus – steady-state simulation and optimisation of processes

ProSimPlus HNO3 – simulation and optimisation of nitric acid plants and nitrous vapours absorption

ProSim Suite – the power of all ProSim simulation software in one single, convenient, cost-effective package

Thermophysical properties calculation

Simulis Thermodynamics – mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations

ProPhyPlus – software of Simulis Thermodynamics

Batch Processes

BatchReactor – simulation of chemical reactors in batch mode

Batch Column – simulation and optimisation of batch distillation columns

Energy Management

ProSimPlus Energy – simulation and optimisation for energy efficiency of steady-state processes

Simulis Pinch – water and energy savings in industrial processes

Heat Exchangers

ProSec – simulation of brazed plate fin heat exchanges

ProSim Hex – Heat exchangers simulation (plate-and-frame, shell and tubes)

Dynamic Simulation

ProSim DEP – dynamic simulator for depressurisation units

ProSim DAC – dynamic adsorption column simulation

Properties Database

DIPPR L20+ – pure component thermodynamic properties database

DETHERM – databases of experimental data from dechema

DPP – experimental data regression tool

If you’re interested in bringing this software on board to enhance your operations, contact us.