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  • Reducing operational risk and ensuring safety
  • Increasing plant efficiency and lowering costs
  • Solving reliability problems
  • Increasing production
  • Eliminating plant down-time
  • Moving forward on your journey to decarbonisation?

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Talk to us about the problems you have, and we’ll help you resolve them. When processes are safer and more reliable, plant down-time is dramatically reduced and productivity boosted. It also helps cut the cost of repair when anything does go wrong.
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With the software and skills usually associated with the bigger players, we apply tools in a smarter, faster way – and at less cost. We’re not just consultants: we’ve worked client-side, and so understand your diverse challenges and how best to resolve them.

While some external consultants may only scratch the surface of a problem, we deliver a comprehensive, practical, robust solution for clients and see it through to the end: coming up with the optimum solution to move forward, modelling it and looking at the safety implications. Your solution is delivered on time, and your mind’s put at ease.

Supporting. Solving. Safely.

Flex Process is an advanced consultancy of highly qualified experts: a safe pair of hands in digital process engineering, modelling and simulation. Our flexibility and accessibility make us a valuable resource across high energy, high hazard industries. It’s why clients come back to us, and rely on us to solve multiple problems.

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Accurate modelling. Affordable solutions.

Flex Process stands out in the market for our level of modelling quality, service, speed and value for money. And, most importantly, it’s fit for purpose and works. Leave it to Flex Process and you don’t have to be uncertain any longer – we’ll bring the solutions fit for your purpose. See what benefits Flex Process can quickly deliver for your business

Experts across industries

Based in Bristol and ISO 9001 certified, we’ve been supporting multinational and niche companies since 2007.


Oil gas, refinery and LNG


Bulk and petrochemicals






Power, energy and utilities


Steel and heavy industry


Oil gas, refunery and LNG

What problem can Flex Process get working on for you?

“Flex Process conducted a complex scope of dynamic process modelling in order for us to understand the upstream implications of pressure uprating on Feeder 28 as part of the Western Gas Network Upgrade project. The report ultimately helped ensure the strategic proposal is most economic and efficient for the end consumer.”

Jordan Wright, National Grid

On the journey to net zero

Changing the way industry operates is a major part of taking better care of our environment. Many of our clients are transitioning to Net Zero, with Flex Process supporting them through innovative and efficient solutions. As a leader in advanced process simulation tools, we understand the long-term approach needed to make this transition.

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