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We are the process engineering pioneers

Advanced engineering expertise and software development have made us the ‘go-to’ and trusted partner in process engineering and process simulation, for companies across a diverse range of industries.

Specialist expertise for niche to multinational

Since Flex Process started in 2007 we have assembled a team of highly skilled engineers with many years of experience. While based in Bristol, we provide specialist services to process and power industries throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

No client or project is too big or too small, and we work closely with niche manufacturing companies as well as large multi-nationals across chemicals, iron and steel, biofuels, paper, nuclear, terminals, pharmaceuticals, power, distribution and offshore storage and production

Innovation with clarity

We add value for clients by identifying problems and solving the engineering challenges that industry faces today. We build relationships based on trust: by demonstrating the quality of our work, operating in a transparent way and focusing on clients’ needs through our flexible resources.

Confidence and assurance come from getting clear, concise answers, quickly. We understand what you need because we’ve worked on your side of the fence too, so our services are practical, accessible and highly effective.

“Our site required a mechanical assessment of vessels and pipework supports to determine if they were able to withstand the reaction forces developed during the lifting of pressure relief valves.

In the initial project phase, Flex Process summarised all of the process inputs into the modelling and utilised their own impressive in-house systems to calculate the PRV system capacities, backpressures and PRV thrust forces. The meticulous planning of the project meant that during the main project phase, the involvement of site personnel was very limited.

The documentation associated with each stage of the project has been very comprehensive and presented in a highly professional format. Flex Process was able to adapt to our tight project schedule to ensure objectives were met.”

Ian Roberts, Huntsman Llanelli Plant.

Flex Process conducted a complex scope of dynamic process modelling in order for National Grid to understand the upstream implications of pressure uprating on Feeder 28 as part of the Western Gas Network Upgrade project. Flex Process provided a professional report and co-ordinated the various technical and financial inputs, including extensive liaison with third parties to agree the scope, modelling approaches and outputs. The report informed engagement with our upstream customers and ultimately helped ensure the Western Gas Network Upgrade strategic proposal is most economic and efficient for the end consumer.

Jordan Wright, nationalgrid

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