The Flex Process simulator: discover the advanced approach to training


The training and competence of people is a major factor in the safety and reliability of a plant. Now there is a way to make training safer, faster and more effective – saving thousands of pounds in the process.

Training in a safe, virtual environment

The Flex Process training simulator is a computer-based training tool that helps establish best practice at a plant. It’s been designed to simulate the processes, control systems, look and feel, and behaviour of a plant.

Tailored to a plant’s budget and needs

Clients get a training simulator that fits their budget, and is geared to the specific needs of their plant. The simulator is installed at the customer’s site, where employees are trained offline by more experienced team members in day-to-day operations. Clients often use their simulator for other engineering studies too, so it can add even more value than training alone.

A new level of confidence

The training simulator delivers greater safety, efficiency and confidence. Learn more about how you can transform your training – view the full Flex Process simulator video below.