Flex Process can deliver training on many topics. Training courses can be open for the public or can be provided in-house to a particular client. Content can be tailored to your needs, with client specific workshops and case studies, or they can be bespoke courses developed to fill a particular requirement.

Our consultants have delivered training courses for many years. These can be presented in-house at a client’s premises or as open sessions. Some courses can be presented totally electronically, but most are interactive with many case studies and exercises that benefit from the presenter/participant interaction. These are presented either as fully face-to-face workshop or as blended training – a mix of remote and face-to-face sessions. Our consultants are practicing engineers with a wealth of personal experience that they can blend into their training sessions and can present to all levels – including senior managers, engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel.

We can tailor content appropriately to meet the needs of our audience and deliver the results anywhere in the world – our consultants have presented courses in the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Flex Process currently offer a range of process safety training courses. Each course is delivered by a process safety expert and can be tailored to your specific requirements. The process safety training we deliver are listed below, but additional bespoke training programs can be developed if required.

  • PHA/HAZOP Study leaders
  • Alarm Management
  • LOPA/SIL Assignment
  • Bowties
  • Inherent Safety

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